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SmoothSide Docks - Image Gallery

  • Aluminum Leg Docks  A Smoothside Legged Dock with it's hinge sections and adjustable leg system can be easily adjusted to the water level as it changes, leaving you with the height you desire all season long.


  • Floating Docks and Platforms   A Smoothside Floating Dock is constructed to meet the requirements of the customer, from low to a high freeboard height.


  • Construction and Assembly   A Smoothside Dock is constructed with a solid 2"X 4" 6061 T6 Aircraft type aluminum tubing on all sides giving you a solid yet light weight alternative to an all wood dock.


  • Custom Conversions   A Smoothside Dock can easily be adapted to any dock from other manufacturers. See what a difference a Smoothside dock will make while still retaining your original investment.

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